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ElectraMeccanica Featured on Forbes

Mar 31st 2021

ElectraMeccanica Featured on Forbes

Driven: The ElectraMeccanica Solo EV Is Tiny, But How Much Car Do You Really Need Anyway?

“Ultra-small vehicles are beginning to hit the market, raising the question: How much car do you really need? If it’s just you and only you that needs to get to work, school or run those errands, do you really require a seven-seat SUV, a minivan, a sedan or even a Smartcar-sized machine? Around the world, many urban dwellers get by with a motorcycle, scooter or even a bicycle (such as here in Portland), while others still need (or want) just a bit more space, safety or convenience. I’ve written repeatedly about Oregon-based 3-wheel EV maker Arcimoto in this space, but the Eugene-based $20,000-ish Fun Utility Vehicle creator may be about to get some company from ElectraMeccanica’s $18,500 Solo EV, which makes a slightly smaller tadpole-style machine. 

A few days ago, I took one for a spin…”

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